McClean® MPP- Polymeric Protector Antimicrobial Self-Disinfecting Coating Spray (Fragrance-Free) (2 x 2.5LT)


McClean® Polymeric Protector
Antimicrobial Self-Disinfecting Coating Spray – Fragrance-free

2 x 2.5LT

McClean Polymeric Protector (MPP) is an antimicrobial, self-disinfecting coating spray that kills 99.9999% of germs and bacteria upon contact. Combined with Si-QAC technology, MPP coats surfaces with 24/7 anti-microbial properties for 90 days.

Active Ingredients:

Dimethyloctadecyl [3-(trimrthoxysil) propyl] ammonia chloride

Special Features:

Kills 99.9999% germs and bacteria.
24/7 disinfection, active protection for 90 days.
Water resistant – remains on surfaces with repeated cleaning.
Reduces cross contamination.
Non-toxic with low chemical concentration.
Invisible protection, does not affect appearance of surface.
Rinse free, fuss free application – spray, spread, wait (for 10mins).
Non-stick and suitable for most surfaces.


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Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13.3 × 31.3 cm


Code No: CDP4466-2.5LT
Active ingredients: Dimethyloctadecyl [3-(trimrthoxysil) propyl] ammonia chloride
Appearance: An opaque liquid with typical odour.
Efficacy: Kills 99.9999% of germs. Tested in accordance to European Standard for
Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics, BSEN 1040:2005
pH: Neutral

Pack Size: 2 x 2.5LT

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13.3 × 31.3 cm

Spray and spread disinfectant evenly on clean surface. Allow surface to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes in order for anti-microbial properties to be activated.



Suitable for high-touch surfaces including glass, metals, plastic, fabric and leather surfaces. Suitable for use in all settings such as offices, homes, interior of vehicles, schools and F&B establishments.

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